Jewels of Engagement – Scribed by Kimberly Lefebvre

June 20, 2015

Jewels of Engagement – Scribed by Kimberly Lefebvre

Heavenly Jewels for Heavenly Daughters

Last year I was part of a prophetic team, and I began to notice a theme to some of the prophecies I would receive. The Lord was often showing me pictures of Himself giving His children different kinds of jewellery – tokens of His love for them and their covenant with Him.   A ring, a necklace, a school pin were some of the things I saw Him bestow upon His beloveds.

Early this year I had a dream about jewels, and shortly after that the Lord spoke to me about being my Ishi – my husband. I had a desire to get a ring that symbolized that, and which was inspired by one of the jewels I saw in my dream. The Lord spoke to me that this was an ‘engagement ring,’ not only because He has betrothed me to Himself, but because I would be engaging Heaven in the earth realm. I believe that this speaks of some things for many of His princess daughters in this hour.

What Does This Mean?

My understanding is that now is a time of recompense for those who have come into covenant relationship with the Lord, not only following Him, but becoming one with Him. To us the Lord is releasing heavenly jewels and these jewels represent more than simply His love; they symbolize our royal position in His kingdom. With these jewels come authority from the Father to open gates and close doors, to stop floods and more.

Your recompense is to be elevated as Esther was before the King, who spoke to her, “Ask whatever you desire and it will be given to you; even up to half the kingdom.”

Although the ones who should have esteemed you and upheld you have not done so, the Lord Himself has come to you, and you have allowed yourself to be found by Him. What greater reward! You were cast down by men, but from that place you have abased yourself before the Lord, and He is coming to elevate you. For those whom this world has hated are dearly loved by the Father of lights in whom there is no shadow of turning.


The Lord is jealous for His holy daughters. He will roar over them and set them free from earthly bondages so they can be raised up alongside Him in heavenly destiny.  I sense the Father speaking, saying: “The colors of Heaven adorn you. Shine, My princess. Shine.”


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